More than Just Looks

A lot of people have the perception that Miami event staff involved in the hospitality industry are nothing but a bunch of pretty people that are only good for eye candy. These model bartenders Miami locals love so much are much more than that. Let's first begin by discussing the struggles of a bartender. Apart from being able to keep your composure under high volume crowds and strenuous situations, the bartender must be creative, approachable, and efficient.

A bartender is lying to you if he/she tells you that he/she knows every drink in the book. The truth of the matter is nothing more than sheer creativity. If they more or less have an idea of what the guest is asking for, they will create the closest version of that cocktail for the guest and say something like, "I put my own twist into it" with a wink.

Sometimes people fail to see how tough it is to smile and be approachable while dealing with antsy guests, insufficient staff, miscalculated prepped products needed to achieve an efficient shift, or any other obstacle that falls in the bartenders' path.

A good bartender will always make sure that he has everything stocked and prepped prior to the event.

We've only described half of the craft of model bartenders. Let's now describe the adversity a model must face. Models have strict diets, rigorous work-out routines, and high aesthetic standards to maintain.

So is it safe to say that they are the faces of the restaurant/event they are representing? Yes. But that does not mean that aren't much more than that.

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